Working towards a better world

Tenzing Bodosa, Organic farmer, Assam

Tenzing, who is driven by love and peace has made an inspiring move to lead an organic way of life. Owner of world's first 'Elephant-friendly' organic tea farm in Assam, he believes in being one with nature and making this planet a beautiful place for the whole of nature. He has not only found success in his chosen path, he is now sharing his knowledge with thousands of other farmers and teaching them sustainable ways of farming. Tenzing's story is that of finding, nurturing and sharing love.

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Breaking barriers and empowering lives

Neha Arora Founder, Planet Abled, New Delhi

Neha's quest for a world more abled has inspired her to break barriers to empower lives. Fuelled by the purpose of fulfilling dreams, Neha is on an ambitious flight to do justice to the purpose that chose her.

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Megha taking the big leap

Megha Gupta, Founder,, Mumbai

Megha turned to the power of internet to bring a revolution in Dharavi. Megha could have chosen to take the easier path but she was determined to do more. Facing adversity all along Megha pushed aside thoughts of giving up, standing up with passion in what she believed in and introduced the local artisans to a world of opportunities from around the world and created an equal opportunity platform.

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Stories of our customers, of carving new paths, of bold choices, of living a life with possibilities


Explore the Unknown

Hari Sankar Babu C, Merchant Navy Officer, Kollam

A adventurer in its true sense, Hari has seen the beauty of nature as well as its fury, up close and personal. Hailing from the serene backwaters of Kollam, Hari comes from a family of doctors and engineers. He could have chosen a similar career and stayed close to home. But the explorer in him made him sail out on his own path - he chose to join the Merchant Navy right after high school to explore new places and meet new people. At times, he faced life threatening raging storms in the oceans, but even those could never keep him away for long. As much as he loves driving around his hometown in his favourite Datsun redi-GO, his inner explorer always takes him back to the vast oceans to discover new adventures.

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Spread your wings & fly

Rishav Basu, Theatre Artist & Actor

Rishav, a young mass communication graduate, stumbled upon theatre and found his life’s passion. Like his idol Aamir Khan, he wants to become a fine actor and knows that it’s not a cakewalk to break into acting industry. But he does not take shortcuts.

His love for cinema keeps him in the cultural hub of Kolkata city where he is mastering the art of acting rather than running after the glittering lights of movies and stardom. For him, acting on stage is acting for life, where you don’t look for second chances.

A single child of his parents, Rishav is driving his life with passion and self belief. His is a story of fierce individualism, of standing out even in the crowd, just like his beloved lime green Datsun redi-GO. 

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Dream with your eyes open

Sumit Poddar, Entrepreneur, Delhi-NCR

A young businessman and aspiring entrepreneur, Sumit decided to leave the security of a well paying job in order to make his own path. Hailing from a middle class family with roots to Bihar, he had a dream of having his own business, his own identity and making his family name big. He not just worked hard, but also was fearless enough to face big challenges in life. He smiled in the face of fear and celebrated the bold choices he made in his life with his companion, the Datsun redi-GO

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