• A unique 360-degree consumer engagement campaign
  • Provides an interactive new platform to enter into conversations withyouthful dreamers and strivers
  • “Crowd sourcing of dreams” to take fans a step closer to reaching theirdream

MUMBAI, India (January 22, 2016) – Datsun, the 80 year heritage car brand,launched a new brand campaign in India called #IsayYes. The multimedia,multiplatform campaign kicked off with a teaser video online, and is just the first ofmany initiatives.

The Datsun new campaign aims to build a stronger connection with young,ambitious and aspirational Indians inspiring them to come forward and share theirdreams with the world through a series of planned social activations and innovativestorytelling grouped under the campaign hash tag #ISayYes.

Commenting on the new initiative, Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, NissanMotor India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Young Indians want to have a voice in society asthey strive to achieve their dreams. They want to be heard, and Datsununderstands this. We’ve been engaging with young people for four years sinceDatsun came to India. Our new #ISayYes campaign is designed to connect with theenergy of these young dreamers, further strengthen our bond with them, andencourage them to never give up.”

The six-week-long campaign will consist of Above-The-Line (ATL) activations suchas television commercials, and a major social activation phase, which includessharing of stories, opportunities to participate in unique experiences and win prizes.


A one-of-a-kind “crowd sourcing of dreams” activity will be launched on January25th. Under the #ISayYes campaign, this activity will give Datsun fans a chance toshare their dreams online. Datsun will help the winners take a step closer toachieving their dreams. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will be usedto reach out to fans.

The campaign will culminate with Datsun fans vying for one grand experientialgratification and five tangible gratifications related to their dreams—and a lot more.