Leader in Space, Datsun GO+

  • 5+2 Flexi-Seating
  • 1.2 L Powerful Engine
  • Bluetooth Audio

Celebrate 5 amazing years of Datsun GO+ with an assured gold coin and additional benefits:

  • Assured 2 gm Gold Coin*
  • Total Additional benefits up to ₹17,000*
  • Free Insurance worth  ₹14,000*
  • Benefits of ₹3,000* for Govt. Employees


  • Total Benefit includes Free Insurance and offer under Pillars of India program.
  • Gold Coin or equivalent cash will be available
  • Free Insurance is applicable through Nissan/Datsun Insure only. 
  • Exclusive exciting offer for corporates
  • Either Pillars of India (Govt employee offer) or corporate offer will be applicable
  • Additional offer applicable on 2017 stock, contact nearest dealer for details
  • Offer may vary across variant & Locations 
  • Gold Coin or equivalent cash (1g = 3K) will be available