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If you buy competition’s car, get benefits worth ₹5,000*

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Drive easy and experience the convenience of automated transmission. With best-in-class features such as best-in-class ground clearance, cabinspace and power, the new Datsun redi-GO Smart Drive Auto gives you an ultimate driving experience.

Test The Best -

Visit your nearest Datsun dealership and test drive the redi-GO AMT.

Test Drive today to experience the best-in-class features. If you still choose to buy competition’s car, get benefits worth ₹5,000*


  • Accessories worth ₹5,000 for Datsun (max. at MRP level) to be given to buyer on producing the required documents within 7 days of test drive
  • End date to submit required document for a customer who has taken test drive in Mar’18 is 10th Apr’18 only.

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