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Datsun redi-GO defeats Becaar

Performance and unique features have defeated legacy as Datsun redi-GO creates history. Thank you for supporting us! #VoteForChange

#VoteForChange, Vote for Datsun redi-GO

Voters are turning up in huge numbers to support more power, comfort, style and space. What did you vote for? #VoteForChange

Book a test drive now!

Everyone is all praises for the new Datsun redi-GO. It gives you best in class power, comfort, space and style. Did you test drive yet? #VoteForChange

Datsun redi-GO: Pulse Of Streets

Saalon saal ka raag purana, redi-GO ka aa gaya zamaana. People have decided to vote for their leader. Have you? #VoteForChange

#TheDatsunParty Campaigns in Bihar

The youth of Bihar is rooting for the new leader in town. If you too want change, go #VoteForChange

#TheDatsunParty Campaigns in Kolkata

The Datsun Party introduces its candidate to the city of joy, Kolkata. The youth is ready for change. Are you ready to #VoteForChange?

#TheDatsunParty Campaigns with Baba

A revolution is on its way and everyone’s turning heads for this new leader on road. Watch baba, as he gets ready to #VoteForChange


#VoteForChange is a reminder to the people of their power to bring about a change, a change in the way we commute.


Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage of the #VoteForChange campaign, aggregated from sources all over the nation.


In May 2017, a major uprising emerged in India. Led by the risers of the nation, these protesters raised their voices and came together to create a loud chorus.