The Datsun Party

In May 2017, a major uprising emerged in India. Led by the risers of the nation, these protesters raised their voices and came together to create a loud chorus. Coming from cities small and large, their demands were simple yet crucial. Better power, space, style & comfort in their everyday commute were four such demands they put out. To meet their demands, the Datsun Party was formed. And the rest is history.

The power of change in your hands

Tired of the cramped spaces? Fed up of the powerless feeling on road? #TheDatsunParty brings to you an era of change. It’s time we vote, it’s time we change. #VoteForChange

Welcome the change India wanted

No more settling for less, no more feeling powerless. Ab ki baar, Car lao Becaar nahi. Join the wave of change and support #TheDatsunParty#VoteForChange

Vote for Datsun redi-GO

Everyone is raving about Datsun redi-GO’s style, comfort, space and power. It’s time we take a drive and experience the new leader on road. #VoteForChange


#VoteForChange is a reminder to the people of their power to bring about a change, a change in the way we commute.


Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage of the #VoteForChange campaign, aggregated from sources all over the nation.


Come, be a part of the change #VoteForChange.